Dear $$15.22.0.$$,

Last December, I was living at the Children’s Mental Health Centre at Lutherwood.

Last December, I wasn’t well enough to leave for the holidays. It was really hard to be away from my family.

But this December it’s different. I am a different person. I am stronger. I am healthier. I’ve learned a lot about how to manage my emotions, and get on so much better with my parents. I’m doing okay in school and have a part-time job at a pet store. I like animals, especially dogs. I have a dog called Boris.

This December, because of the help we received at Lutherwood, me and my family know how to work together to help me manage my mental health challenges.

I now know that I am “sick but not weak” and I’m always going to have to pay attention to my mental health. But, because the staff at Lutherwood really cared about me, I feel stronger than I did last year, and I know what to do.

Right now I have friends who are at Lutherwood, who need your help. They can’t go home for the holidays. Please will you help them? Could you donate to help them get stronger? Just like you helped me last year.

Thank you! 

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